Concealed Weapon

DISCLAIMER: The following is a summary look at concealed weapons and licensing in Idaho. Please refer to the Idaho Code and U.S. Codes for complete knowledge and understanding of concealed weapons laws.

As of July 1, 2016, if you are over 21 years of age, an Idaho resident, and not disqualified from owning or possessing firearms or disqualified under section 11 of Idaho Code 18-3302, subject to restrictions per Idaho Code, you will not need a concealed weapons license to carry concealed in Idaho.

What are some of the restrictions for carrying a concealed weapon?

Idaho Code 18-3302C (1) shall not: Carry a concealed weapon in a courthouse; juvenile detention facility or jail; public or private school, except as provided in subsection (4)(f) of section 18-3302D. Concealed weapons, per U.S. Code 930, are not allowed in Federal facilities, including the Post Office. The Enhanced Concealed Weapons License will still be needed to carry on a college campus, subject to restrictions (see Idaho Code 18-3309- 2-a).

When will I need a concealed weapons license?

Idaho has two different concealed weapons licenses: The Standard Concealed Weapons License (CWL) and the Enhanced Concealed Weapons License (ECWL). As stated above, you will still need the ECWL to carry on a college campus. When you travel out of state you will still need either the CWL or ECWL. The ECWL offers the carrying ability in more states. A person twenty-one (21) years of age or older who presents a valid CWL or ECWL are exempt from any requirement to undergo a records check at the time of purchase or transfer of a firearm from a federally licensed firearms dealer. If you are 18-20 years of age, you will need a concealed weapons license to carry within city limits.

How old do I have to be to get a concealed weapons license?

You have to be 21 years of age to obtain a concealed weapons license. Persons 18-20 years of age can obtain a Standard Underage CWL with the required training. The required training is the same as the Enhanced Concealed Weapons License training. The Underage CWL will be “easily distinguishable” from a Standard or Enhanced CWL, and will expire on their 21 st birthday and renewal will be allowed for the Enhanced CWL. The underage CWL DOES NOT have the same reciprocity as a CWL or ECWL. Again, for college campuses you MUST have an ECWL to carry. The majority of other states do not honor concealed weapons licenses issued to those under 21, so you cannot use the Underage CWL outside of the state of Idaho.

Which concealed weapons license should I get?

In Idaho we have two different concealed weapons licenses: Standard and Enhanced. Most people are getting the Enhanced CWL. It is honored in more states than the Standard CWL and allows carrying on a college campus here in Idaho. Another consideration; IF things become more stringent in state for residents, you are less likely to lose abilities with the enhanced vs. the standard. For those who have the standard CWL, you may consider upgrading to the enhanced so you have the most abilities in the most places. The vast majority who hold the standard CWL are upgrading. If you are upgrading, once you have taken the class, we will run through the entire process like a new concealed: paperwork, fingerprints, pay and picture.

How do I get a concealed weapons license?

For the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office, all concealed weapons licensing is handled by Lt. Doug Sugden. Initial applications are done by appointment. Because of the number of CWL’s being processed, the appointment ensures there is no waiting to process your paperwork and getting your fingerprints. There is no interview. It also allows you to ask any questions you might have in regard to carrying. Lt. Sugden’s direct number is below in the contact information. If you are upgrading from the standard to the enhanced concealed, you will complete the process as if you are getting a CWL for the first time: Set an appointment, paperwork, fingerprints, etc. New CWL’s applications (standard or enhanced) the cost is $55.00 ($35.00 for State/Federal fees, $20.00 for Sheriff’s Office fees). For renewals of CWL’s, no appointment is necessary. A completed CWL application can be submitted to a clerk at Twin Falls Driver’s License. Renewal CWL’s (standard or enhanced) the cost is $37.70 ($20.00 for State check, 15.00 for Sheriff’s Office check, $2.70 for issue fee).

For a new Standard CWL- $55.00.

Set an appointment. Bring in completed application, proof of firearms training, driver’s license or ID.

For a new Enhanced & Underage CWL – $55.00.

Set an appointment. Bring in completed application, certificate of training from Enhanced CWL class and driver’s license.

Contact Information

(at the DMV-Driver’s License side)
630 Addison Ave. W., Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
P.O. Box AE, Twin Falls, Idaho 83303

Lt. Doug Sugden – (208) 735- 4866

Further instructions are available on the application below.